Sunday Soapbox: What will you be remembered for?

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Liam is the PD and Breakfast Host of 96five in Brisbane.

From the Heart. What will you be remembered for?

In a dog eat dog radio world, The Triple M Brisbane Breaky host has ensured he has kept on the air for the last decade whilst dodging the ups and downs that most radio surveys bring.

Now Marto (Greg Martin) is a former Wallaby, that's right, he's played Rugby for Australia. He has traveled the world representing his country, met the rich and famous, seen the world and has a swag of entertaining stories that any radio station would love to have at their disposal. This guy is a talent, who can throw a sentence together, has worked most of his life as a tradie and has a real "Everyman" type of feel about him. He even commentates on the TV at most rugby games and has a national profile, which is a bonus to any show.

So what is it that I think we may remember the most about his time on Breakfast Radio.

It could be….

  • The story about the time he scored a try on debut for Australia
  • The tale about the years Radio Broadcaster Alan Jones was his football coach
  • Or the yarn about what really goes on, on those international tours


No, for me it was the story about the day Marto and his wife had to hand back his foster child to her real mother. Marto takes in kids in need, he has for years, and has never mentioned it. Then one day, an emotional Marto, with tears in his eyes, and a quiver in his voice, described the heartache of having had this precious, broken little girl live with him and his family for the last 10 years, from a scared little girl, to a confident young lady who was now in a position to reconnect with her family.

Marto was gutted, emotional and happy all in the same story. I was in tears, as a father I related to loving my own kids, and I felt the pain he was obviously feeling.

So when the name Marto is mentioned in years to come, I'll say, 'Gee, he was a generous man who gave a lot to many underprivileged kids.'

I won't be recalling the sporting tales of glory that he also has in his storybook.

How is your radio station touching heart strings with your listeners? It may just be what you are remembered for.

Below is the audio Liam refers to from Triple M Brisbane, April 2013

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