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Ahh Millennials. *Insert eye roll*

You’re a weird bunch to us Generation Xer’s. Relax, I’m not about to pit you guys against the rest of the generations I promise! So here’s the deal.

Millennials are on my radar the moment, as I’m freelancing and have been asked to attend a digital conference on social media next week focusing on you lot.

All this got me thinking about how much of today’s social media in radio has become overtly influenced by Minnenials – regardless of a station target demographic. Have they basically got socials by the balls?

Gen X’s; We can ‘adult’ the shit out of life, but we are still young at heart. We are dubbed the ‘MTV generation’ – we listened to Nirvana and Pearl Jam plus we can recite liners from ‘Singles’, ‘Reality Bites’ and ‘Clerks’.

We don’t jump on social media trends overall, we like to pick up the phone and have a conversation rather than texting…. and just under half of us regularly listen to the radio.

Then you have the big M’s; glued to their smartphones, are generally far more open-minded and tolerant than other generations, and 84% of them are influenced by user-generated content.

So it’s no surprise when Nielsen released figures showing that radio reaches 92% of millennials. Imagine how big the share is via your socials?

With the increased wave in podcasts and live streaming, radio has finally become tech savvy and appealing eto them. It seems radio has finally graduated properly into the digital era. Now all y’all got to do is channel it into your social media!

Millennials like personalised, in the moment content. Which is a bonus for you because you can measure your efforts and deliver far more niche, targeted content.

So I’ve now giving you another incentive to get all crazy on me – with your socials that is. I’ve touched on this previously in my other articles – explaining that lack of creativity is my biggest gripe with radio socials.

So go forth and prosper my little darlings! Hopefully, these crazy kids will be the reason you may want to take some risks.

Look out for these ‘so hot right now’ trends with Millennials:

It’s all about disappearing media and live video. Get amongst it!

– Live Q&A’s – they love to give their opinions and share their thoughts too.

– Video content in real time (No excuses, you can generate it across all your socials – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

– Vlogging (Video blogging)

– Lens filters – look out for apps like Masquerade which all the cool kids will use to record video-selfie animations.

Sit up and take notice I say. Us X’ers will be listening to your regardless, but the ‘M’s could be your secret weapon into tapping into a new audience with the right strategy.

Here are this week’s top three social posts from radio;

1. Ben and Liam, Triple J Breakfast: Facebook – ‘Triple J Textline’

Views: 373,000

Reactions: 5,000

Shares: 1,083

Comments: 1,720

I tried to resist the urge to say ‘ermahgerd’ after watching this hilarious animation the fellas concocted and uploaded to Facebook.

Like I said, millennials, they love to overshare – this is a perfect example!

Really creative, they certainly thought outside the box. Highly engaging and nailing content that their demo would absolutely adore – the organic stats they have achieved say it all. Keep it coming lads, I’m barracking for a series, although after watching your rad cartoon illustration I feel so filthy dirty…like, texting on the toilet dirty!!

NSFW: Don’t play this video in an open office near your ‘P-Diddy’ (PD). More f-bombs than you could poke a stick at. Don’t want HR on your case!

2. 2Day FM’s Ash London Live: Facebook Live – ‘Martin Garrix live Q&A’

Views: 18,000

Reactions: 149

Shares: 11

Comments: 97

Slaying it gurl! Been watching announcers in the US embracing live video capabilities across socials and finally saw a kick-ass twist with Facebook Live.

So utterly on point – broadcasting their interview with superstar EDM DJ/producer Martin Garrix who is currently touring the country with Justin Bieber.

The success of this activation is also attributed to Ash – her genuine interest, relaxed vibe and bouncing energy really made the Q&A enagaing. Great interview, great execution…love, love loved this!

3. KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O – ‘Make It Rain’

When I hear the term ‘make it rain’, I usually envisage women dancing in skimpy clothing, otherwise known as ‘strippers’ (Don’t ever ‘make it hail’ – no one wants coins!).

Creative activation that not only harnessed marketing power, but generated some crazy content. The gift that keeps on giving really. Well done!

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Social Scorecard is compiled exclusively for Radio Today by Jess Frangelli.

Jess is an AFTRS graduate and Account Manager at social-first digital agency Jaden Social.

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22 Mar 2017 - 3:12 am

Those guys at the J’s are funny buggers. Their listeners must be smoking something.


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