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The aim of the game is getting your content to go viral. I get it. You’ve shot what you think is gold, boosted your post on Facebook and now what?

1. Your listeners crave real and authentic content

I’ve said it time and time again in Social Scorecard. Users want to see rough content, not overproduced glossy videos and images. Content that that feels sincere is a winner – they want stuff that is genuine. A look behind the scenes always works a treat too.

2. Generate something engaging

Give your listeners content they can engage with, it doesn’t always have to be articles, videos and memes. Download a Facebook plugin and create your own live poll, upload an image and play an interactive game…the sky is the limit. You want them to not only like content but engage with it. You’ll find that the higher the engagement, the more it will get shared. 

3. Make it personal and give it a human touch

Play on those heart strings. Listeners want to be moved, whether it’s to laugh, cry or be shocked. When you get personal, it gets shared quite a bit. 

4. Write a catchy headline

If it falls flat, your content won’t get the exposure you had hoped for. You don’t need to be ‘Captain Obvious’ either. An open ended question or teaser is sometimes all that’s needed to get users interested.

5. Structure your Tweets properly

Format your spacing and have about 12 spaces in your Tweet rather than cramming it with info and taking up the entire 140 characters. You are doing yourself an injustice and just making it harder for users to reshare. Don’t forget to reTweet anything worthwhile listeners Tweet to your account.

6. Good community management

Stop thinking you are a big entity and pretend you are a playing a character. Imagine your station or show is actually a person and respond to comments accordingly. Time is of the essence and if you show your comments section some love, chances are listeners will keep coming back and be willing to share your content based on your interactions with them.

7. Ask yourself if you would share it?

Chances are if you feel ridiculous sending a piece of content to your work mates and friends, so will your listeners. If the headline or actual content is a tad embarrassing, then it’s not going to go viral. Users worry about the impression they leave on social media, so if it’s not worth sharing -forget it!

Our top picks this week come from the Hit Network, Adelaide’s Hit 107 and Fresh 92.7.

1. Hit Network’s Hamish and Andy: Facebook – ‘Andy by Hamish’ (Southern Cross Austereo)

Brill. Can’t stop looking at the random ‘orgasmic’ silhouette of Hamish in the background! Viral pics are usually one of two things – funny or beautiful. This triggers reaction and makes users want to share and tag their mates for a laugh. A simple and classic reflection of their humour.

2. Hit 107’s Amos, Cat and Angus: Facebook – ‘Amos, Cat and Angus’ Mancademy’

Yeah I know – it’s got a sponsor and it’s a little polished. But the reactions are genuine, they really suck at so many of the basic tasks so listeners can relate and its overall quintessentially ‘Straylian’. Only thing that’s missing is snags and beer!

3. Fresh 92.7: Facebook – ‘6 grown men walk into a Beauty Salon

They say waxing videos are the next viral sensation. Don’t know about that, but there is it’s strangely fulfilling and funny watching grown men enduring the pain from waxing.  Let me give a very informative, super-nerd response to why this worked; ASMR which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Scientific reason? People experience a euphoric feeling watching videos of pimple popping and waxing. Admit it, this was weirdly satisfying!

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