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There are crimes against fashion – mine are socks and thongs, but as you totally judge me, but there are also social media sins I can’t seem to build a bridge and get over.

Guys, can you stop Facebook Live streaming on-air interviews. Please? Or another talk break, prize draw – you get the picture.
There are so many other ways you can use Facebook Live; why are you picking the most captain obvious, unoriginal option?

Ok, so old mate P.Diddy (your program director) is suddenly yelling from his/her office… “Video guy/girl get in here, explain to me how this bloody stuff works.”

You need to get with the times, my friend. As I said last week, it’s all about content in real-time.

Behind the scenes content

Your listeners are already dazzled by the radio industry. Admit it, the consensus among audiences is that you get to work three hours a day, meet celebrities, get free stuff, listen to music and talk for a living.

We all know otherwise, but my point is, they want to be living the dream. Forget superficial staged content – listeners want to feel and see something exclusive that other people don’t get to witness. So show them what goes on behind the curtain.

Facebook Live while preparing the show and chat with listeners live, stream your promotions team in the station car on the way to promos, run competitions exclusively over Facebook Live – you get the picture. Come up with your unique ways to share BTS content that you don’t mind a rival station seeing.

Live stream your events

This works brilliantly for any promotion your station may be running for ‘money can’t buy’ listener parties or experiences like live performances. Live streaming at the event is a great way to generate engagement with your listeners. You’d have a mountain of listeners who missed out on tickets and wanted to attend so capitalise on it! There’s no harm in live streaming – don’t limit the access to events so much that it’s too exclusive, makes you look like a bunch of tools.

People want to be a fly on the wall. Stream a performer belting out their biggest hit, station talent goofing off and any keynote milestones at the event. You’ll find that this will be your most viewed content and it will get further engagement and reach after your event – just make sure you put money behind the post to amplify it.

Daily Facebook Live streaming

This one is a little controversial, but it works when executed well. Personally, I like to use Facebook Live sparingly – it’s like wearing your good undies on special occasions, not the crappy Bonds pair with holes and no elastic.

However, I’ve been checking out overseas markets and have since changed my tune. I’d use this for a particular segment for news updates. If you are providing listeners with useful information or reason to watch, they will. You could potentially build a daily audience online and build a huge increase in engagement purely by going Live.

So gather round kids – I want you to take away some of these pointers on how to Facebook Live the right way.

Create a strategy

You are posting live, so you need to make sure you have a proper, structured plan in place. Having said that, some absolute gold happens within the moment. Don’t worry about being too polished, prim and proper – it’s not authentic. Set some goals, limit your Facebook Live posts between 2-5 minutes and know what you are going to say if you are driving a conversation.

Have a call-to-action ready

There has to be a point you want to get across that’s part of your marketing strategy. Are you promoting a show, your talent or simply want to strengthen your brand? Direct listeners. Get them to check out your website, subscribe to your posts or enter a competition. End your Facebook Live scream and make the most of that post!

Engage to increase engagement

Stop talking at your listeners. Converse, interact and chat with them. Step up your game with your community management. Answer questions in real-time, address listeners by their name, action requests live – it makes them think you value their opinions, thoughts and their brand loyalty.

Quite bluntly, a lot of uptight over produced, stiff videos all over socials. No stats this week – it’s based on creativity.

Our picks for radio’s top social posts this week come from Ash London, Heidi Will & Woody and Kyle & Jackie O:

1.    The Hit Network’s Ash London Live: Facebook – ‘Ash LOVES’

She’s number one this week because quite simply, Ash and the team are thinking outside the box. They are using socials in a different way to what everyone else is doing and I’m loving it.

She’s bursting with personality and these little creative teasers for her show are fun, fresh and encapsulate the vibe of her show. Want to see more of this stuff.

2. Hit 92.9’s Heidi, Will and Woody: Facebook – ‘Throw  Shaun McManus’ watch into the Swan River’

When a $1,200 watch gets incorrectly delivered to you, most regular folk would make sure it gets to its owner, right? Not if you live in Perth!

Heidi, Will and Woody turned a mistake into a hilarious social stunt, getting listeners to vote on what they should do with the Tissot watch. I liked how genuine this video is – the reactions and the hilarious finale. Yup, one boat trip later and the team were minus one offending watch.

3.    KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O: Facebook – ‘Pap reveals pic prices’

Love them or hate them, they are the leaders of the pack in ratings and socials. I’d imagine being in the public eye is almost like a second job.

Great topic that ignited conversation and overall fun – especially the superimposed stills!

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