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Love was certainly in the air this week, with stations upping the ante across social media, and showing Facebook a whole ‘lotta lovin’ for Valentine’s Day.

Special mention this week goes to Fox FM Melbourne for their brilliant social media activation that included a treasure hunt of sorts, on-air and live on Facebook.

Which brings me to this week’s topic – highlighting the importance of co-ordinating live social media with a live medium such as radio.

I recently had a giggle when someone tried to tell me that Twitter is a dead platform.

I’m assuming they are branding it defunct because they feel they no longer can utilise it for their business. Fair call, however, this is hardly the case for radio.

Twitter is a perfect fit for live media, but I feel it gets overlooked in Australia. It allows stations to not only obtain a huge reach but also brand exposure – Ok, I can already tell you are all rolling your eyes, but you wouldn’t be if I told you that simple banter with a well-known artist over Twitter could potentially increase the exposure of the station brand ten fold.

Plus, the beauty of being in the digital age, is that enough exposure could net in new listeners via podcasts and digital streaming.

Twitter should be the live visual that breathes life into your show. Tweets should be ‘in the moment’ – witty, engaging, timely and occasionally feature a collection of images, GIFs and videos telling a story. Don’t forget a hashtag tailing every Tweet. Get into that habit to reinforce the station’s branding.

So many networks commit the cardinal sin of excluding Twitter from their socials or only pushing out scheduled Tweets. I’m only going to assume it’s because y’all are being lazy!

Listen up: if you are at a station and your show happens to have the luxury of a social media producer across socials, make sure they aren’t exclusively focusing their energy on Facebook. There’s simply no excuse.

I love using Twitter during live radio shows. It allowed me to interact with listeners in real-time, create engagement, all while having some fun with announcers – plus you get to see a reaction on the spot!

Let’s start to see more thinking outside the social box people!

1. Fox FM 101.9: Facebook Live – Win tickets to Adele for you and your Valentine

Views: 279,059

Reactions: 1,600

Shares: 211

Comments: 3,011

Impressive, well thought out and executed. The station sent listeners on a treasure hunt to find a bunch of flowers, hidden somewhere in Melbourne – Glen Waverley to be exact!

If they found the flowers, they’d have to sing an Adele song on camera to score themselves tickets to an Adele concert. Broadcasting live on Facebook, it took about 33 minutes for a lucky listener to gingerly walk up to the team and sing a hilarious rendition of ‘Hello’.

It’s hard to tell if the stats have been achieved organically; nevertheless, a huge reach and engagement rate was achieved. Two thumbs up though for creativity and for combining two live mediums.

2. KIIS 106.5 FM: Facebook – ‘Sexual’ Lip Sync

Views: 98,291

Reactions: 413

Shares: 75

Comments: 68

What do you do when your station needs to execute a marketing campaign via social media? Use the catchiest hit from 2016 and call on a whole heap of celeb mates to help you out!

The video features an array of well-known faces including Ed Sheeran, Ita Buttrose and Sarah Harris from the Network Ten’s morning show, Studio 10, The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love and singer Samantha Jade.

A highlight was seeing Kyle Sandilands dancing around and suggestively spraying a water pistol at the camera with a branded dummy in his mouth.

3. Triple M Mid North Coast: Facebook – ‘Love At First Bodge’

Views: 1,800

Reactions: 52

Comments: 17

Announcer Jason Bodge took on the task of speed dating on Valentine’s Day at Port Macquarie Panthers. And it gave us all sorts of feels!

Without being too crass or over the top, his array of awkward questions to a variety of faceless, unsuspecting beauties was delivered beautifully – including “have you ever been in trouble with the police before” and “do you have any bits growing where they shouldn’t be?”

Clearly, comic timing played a part in the success of this video, while highlighting how very relatable, relevant and awkward the foray into modern day dating.

Very clever, can’t wait to see your next video Bodge!

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Social Scorecard is compiled exclusively for Radio Today by Jess Frangelli – an AFTRS graduate & Account Manager at social-first digital agency Jaden Social.

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