Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week, plus five secret Facebook features you need to know

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It’s hard juggling live socials and keeping across all the new features Facebook keeps pumping out.

I’m totally on your side, and I know most days you are looking at the clock thinking ‘where the hell did the day go?’.  

Don’t be scared to try these tools as they are designed for people to get the most out of Pages. So get familiar and check out five of my fave Facebook tricks you need to try.

Audience Insights

This is a brilliant little feature that gives you very detailed info on your target demographic. It’s designed to help you create more relevant content. No brainer really – the more relevant your content is, the higher the engagement and it will also allow you to generate effective Facebook ads. You can also obtain some pretty detailed stats on Facebook users around the world and your page demographic. Get familiar with it!

Facebook Pages to Watch

If you go into your ‘Insights’ section you will find the ‘Pages to Watch’ feature. Let’s just be honest, you are all monitoring what each other is doing and there is nothing wrong with checking out the competition. This handy feature allows you to follow up to 100 different pages, enabling you to compare page activity, increases in audiences and their engagement to your own.

Pinned posts

A few of you utilise this feature, but some haven’t discovered it yet. Think of it as a way to showcase your station’s most recent, best performing post. It’s also a great way to draw attention to any events, specials or competitions to your audience. Want to try it out? Pick the post, click on the arrow in top right hand corner of the post and select ‘Pin to Top’.

Post search

You know about the ‘Insights’ tab but you can also search for post using certain topics and check out whether particular pictures, buzzwords or videos have performed well. It also helps you from a strategy perspective as you won’t bomb your audience with a topic you’ve already posted about or on something that hasn’t performed well. To find this handy feature, click on the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab and you’ll see it under the Published ‘Post Search’ section.

‘Like’ a page as your station or show

This is a great little quirk and allows your marketing team to show some love to media identities, talent, shows and networks. It also allows them to support sponsors in targeted campaigns. Want to have a go? Search for the Page you want to ‘Like’, click on their Timeline. You should see a small gear icon, select it and click on ‘Like As Your Page’.

Get acquainted with Facebook Pixel

Obviously social media producers and marketing teams need to justify their ROI on social media back to the business – this is why Facebook Pixel is a no brainer. If you’re spending the cash online for adverts, you need to monitor results closely. It enables you to track your conversions and link them back to your advertisements, improve your ads for conversions and to construct custom audiences from your website for remarketing. You’ll be able to access it via ‘Facebook Ads Manager’ – hit ‘Actions’, ‘View Pixel Code’ then copy and paste it between the header tags of your site.

Bottom line: Make sure you experiment but test what works for you and your audience. Remember, these tools can be very valuable when it comes to your Facebook marketing – so don’t just read about them, give it a go.

Hit Network are all over it this week. Loving the wide variety of content ideas – feast your eyes over this week’s picks and get inspired!

Our top picks this week come from the Hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast, 104.9 Triple M’s The Grill Team and Ash London Live.

1. Hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast: Facebook – ‘Simple explanation of the new iPhone’ (Southern Cross Austereo)

This ticks all the content rules for pushing out quality posts – it’s informative, super relevant and interesting, not to mention slick and cheeky AF. Length was perfect, it was engaging, there were even captions; there’s not a thing I can fault. Only suggestion would be to try and trigger some engagement via the comments section but other than that, great piece of content. Well done!

2. Nova 9Hit Network’s Ash London Live: Facebook – ‘P!nk in 360 + Check out ASH and Halsey’s full chat’ (Southern Cross Austereo)6.9’s Smallzy: Instagram – ’90 days till Summer’ (NE)

These are two examples of creative content for this pick that sticks out for all the right reasons. Audiences want to feel like they are right there, not just seeing a produced vid or hearing the performance. The 360 pic is a great little piece of personalisation – her audience are seeing things through Ash’s eyes. Brilliant. As for the Halsey tease –this is the sort of stuff everyone should be posting.

Social media producers take note; it’s about customisation. Halsey would of recorded various interviews for media outlets, so work that opportunity and create something that sticks out. Random shout outs and tidbits are going to be the content that resonates best with you audience. Why? It’s on the fly, genuine and is the content your audience is craving. Loving it!

Want to see what the World Famous Rooftop looks like with P!nk in 360?! 😎 CHECK IT OUT! Don't miss all the action, download the app to hear it all here – 📱

Posted by Ash London LIVE on 2017年9月13日

3. 104.9 Triple M’s Grill Team: Facebook – ‘Arnott’s biscuits post’ (Southern Cross Austereo)

So simple and generates a truck load of engagement. Call to action featuring iconic Aussie (well, US owned!) bickie brand and it resonates with their audience. Only thing I will say, if you are going to invite engagement you need to stay on top of your community management. There are a lot of missed opportunities to respond to comments on this post. Otherwise I’m going to smash a pack of Mint Slices later thanks to this! (Don’t judge me it’s been a long week!)


Posted by The Grill Team on 2017年9月12日

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