Senator Fifield opens Radio Conference

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Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has opened the Commercial Radio Conference in Melbourne this morning.

During his speech, he talked about his work experience at 2UE under Rod Spargo, and how his ‘glittering radio career’ was cut short. He was told at the time “Why don’t you go and do something useful with your life?”

Fifield commented that the government has a “strong view that radio has a vibrant future ahead of it (however) radio is operating in a challenging environment.”

Compared to other sectors such as television and newspapers, Fifield noted radio’s resilience saying that other sectors do not have that.

He complimented the uptake of digital radio, praising the committee for the rollout into regional markets.

His priority targets:

  • In the 2016/17 Budget to push for reduced broadcast license fees in parliament. A 25% reduction is expected before the end of the year. Net boost of $163 million over the next four years.
  • Media Reforms, to be passed in as swift a way as possible, in order to give media companies the flexibility to compete in the world.

We’ll update on other presentations throughout the day.

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