SEN breakfast is back, with Garry Lyon

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After a “humbling” year-long absence, Garry Lyon returned to the newly revamped SEN breakfast this morning.

Garry was eager to “address the elephant in the room”, playing an excerpt of an interview with News Limited’s Mike Sheahan, to air in full on Tuesday’s show after 8am.

In that interview, Garry discusses his personal struggle with mental health.

“I’ve historically been a confident person, I’ve got a really healthy ego.

“Sometimes your self-awareness isn’t what it should be because you can get carried away … you ride your success without stopping to say, hang on, where am I at?

“If anything, I’ve never been more self-aware than I have been right now, and hopefully, you know, I’ll come back with a degree of humility that helps me recognise maybe in others if they are struggling.

“But also have self-awareness to be able to say this is where I’m at, let’s not let this get out of control.

“Which is why the workload and life balance is really important.”

Joining Garry Lyon, Hamish McLachlan and Tim Watson is sports journalist Sam McClure, now a permanent fixture on the show.

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