Seb Costello’s body slam

Image: Ian Currie

Triple M Melbourne’s Seb Costello is following a childhood dream and for one night only (maybe), he’s becoming a pro-wrestler.

The Hot Breakfast newsreader has been training for months and with his ‘moves’ down-pat, he’ll climb into the ring tomorrow night at Melbourne’s Thornbury Theatre.

“Pro-wrestling is a form of entertainment that I absolutely love and I’ve always had a great respect for the guys (the men and women) that do it,” he tells Radio Today.

“Maybe it’s because I have two sisters, who I love dearly, but didn’t have a brother. So, maybe I went looking for guys I could look up to and aspire to be like. These heroes of the ring were that for me.”

It was former Channel Nine cameraman Mikey Jozis, who convinced Costello to give it a crack. And he’s taking it very seriously; from the wrestling moves right down to his wrestling costume.

“Here’s a Nikole Gunn-Radio Today exclusive. I will be wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Breaking News and Breaking Faces’ and I’ll be wearing that over a very tight and revealing blue leotard!”

I’ve been working on my holds and my power slams, so hopefully I’ve got what it takes.

“And you’ve got to look out for my finisher! It’s a Stone-Cold Stunner – a move that Stone-Cold Steve Austin made famous, but I think I’ll call it the ‘Costello Cutter’.

As for those who don’t think it’s ‘real’, Costello says he has the bruises to prove it’s the real deal.

“What can we expect to see? You will see something that you will never see again. I can guarantee that because I can’t put my body through this again!”

Costello will team up with ‘Slex’ to take on Gino Gambino and Sebastian Walker.  They climb into the ring tomorrow night at 7.30.  

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