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Ryan Shelton has been all over radio for years, from guesting with Hamish & Andy, to hosting drive on Nova with 'Monty' and 'Wippa'. And who could forget the Dare Iced Coffee ads that MCM produced (see here).

And even though he's technically not permanently on radio now, we thought we'd show you part of a piece he has written about "being a girl".

Below is an excerpt from Ryan's very funny article '10 things Ryan Shelton would do if he was a girl'.

I thought I’d compile a short list of things I would do if I were a girl. A real girl. You know girls, right? They’re those pretty people with long hair and two X chromosomes who have babies and listen to Jewel albums.

The list wasn’t easy. It was hard restricting myself to only 10 things. But I did it. Now, if there are any actual girls reading this that think I may have left something out, please let me know in the comments below.

I’ll take your suggestions on board and seriously consider them. Although… I think I’ve nailed it.

10 Things I’d Do If I Were A Girl (even just for a day) – By Ryan Shelton.

1. Series Link ‘The View’

2. Sign up to etsy.com and buy a terrarium

3. Become a sexually experimental lesbian – maybe audition for ‘Wild Things 5’

4. Buy Magic Mike on DVD

5. Buy a second backup copy of Magic Mike on DVD (coz you just know that my annoying girlfriends will probably borrow it and never give it back)

6. Wear a pashmina

7. Like Chelsea Handler more

8. Tell someone I’m pregnant and eat a whole wheel of soft cheese in front of them

9. Read ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in public

10. Touch my boobs in front of the mirror (as if I wouldn’t)


You can read the complete article, and see what Ryan might look like as a girl at showandtellonline here

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