Roy & HG return

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ABC News Radio are bringing back Roy & H.G. for the AFL and NRL Grand Finals with their 'Festival of the Boot'.

H.G. Nelson (Greig Pickhaver) told The Sunday Age….

''We were taken very much by Kevin Sheedy's comment that Parramatta is now Paris in his mind"

"Football will eventually drive you mad, and I think Sheeds is proving that. 'He's got the Parramatta River as the Seine. I don't quite see it that way, but that's the genius of Sheeds. Seeing things where others don't.''

For the NRL Grand Final, H.G. says…

''Rugby league and mining have danced an attractive rhumba for many, many years. It'd be great to see this one done for Nathan Stinkler. Obviously, Gina. Twiggy Forrest. Clive Palmer. The greats of Australia.''

He said they were both happy to be back…

"It's the one thing that people talk to you about endlessly. They'll stop you on the street and say, are you doing it, and when is it coming back?"

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