Richard Moore celebrates 50 years on air

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Richard ‘Moorie’ Moore has marked 50 years on air.

Moore started as a radio announcer when he was 17 in January 1971 at Burnie’s 7BU on the north west coast of Tasmania. Within 10 months, he was a full-time announcer at 7HOFM in Hobart, and has been there ever since.

He said the highlight of his extensive career is easily the 21 years he spent on the Cooke and Moore Breakfast show with Bob Cooke.

“Doing breakfast is a fairly high pressure thing, you’re in each other’s faces but we got on really well and we still do,” Moore said. “It was basically ad lib, just zinging and zanging off each other.

“We always used to think we were having a conversation and everybody was listening but we included everyone in the conversation.”

Moore also noted just how many bucket-list items he had ticked off and what he had achieved.

“Obviously I wanted to be on radio, I wanted to be on TV and I wanted to make a record, which Bob and I did as Vinnie and the V8s in the late 70’s,” he said. “So I’ve ticked all the boxes, which is a good thing.

“There were some times during my career I thought, maybe I should be doing something else. But it’s basically if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.”

7HO is one of three commercial radio stations in Hobart, along with Hit 100.9 and Triple M Hobart. It started broadcasting in 1930 and converted to FM in 1990. It is owned by Grant Broadcasters.

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