Ray Hadley stars in Men’s Health magazine

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Talkback radio stalwart Ray Hadley’s recent body transformation has landed him in Men’s Health magazine.

The broadcaster said he has overhauled his lifestyle and lost 18 kilograms in the process.

In addition to the physical transformation, Hadley told the magazine he’s mellowed over time.

“If you get to 66 and you don’t mellow, you’re a mug. You can’t be a cranky bastard all your life,” he told the publication.

He noted that before his change in outlook and lifestyle, he was very unhappy for a very long time.

“I’m not blaming anyone for my unhappiness, but I was very unhappy. Professionally, I was happy, but personally, I was very unhappy, without knowing I was unhappy or why,” he said.

“I’m in a high-powered job. I’m expected to perform every day, and sometimes you lose sight of your priorities. You’re not doing what you should be doing in relation to yourself or your family. I’m not very good at giving advice – I’m even worse at taking it,” he added.

Hadley appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O Show this week to discuss his transformation.

He said he didn’t want to preach at others and nag them to follow his lead, however he did voice his concerns about Kyle Sandilands’ health.

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Rob Sutton
12 May 2021 - 12:03 pm

Why is Hadley pretending to be friends with Kyle?

Hadley said some terrible things about him over the years especially when they were going through their scandals.


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