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Nova Entertainment is to launch the next wave in the battle for not only the ears but the eyesPositioned as “NOVA TV Radio You Can See!” 

The VADIO platform that backbones NOVA TV sees the trend continue, where traditional radio lines blur to being "audiovisual" in real time. 


It will be interesting to see where the Nova Entertainment team takes the VADIO  platform across their group. Outside playing music video clips via YouTube and Vevo; their listeners (or is that viewers?); will also have the  opportunity to tap into their various network talent and program content offerings.

VADIO  is both desktop and mobile native for iOS and Android, naturally social media aware and can serve client ads for revenue opportunities as well.

While we have seen the standard In Studio Cam feed, VADIO  takes it one step further.

It can play the music videos, not just the standard automation audio. When the talent starts talking, VADIO  switches to the live in-studio camera feed, which can also be set to switch between each talent in the room automatically as they talk. 


There are a few live sites overseas now, where you can see and expereince the VADIO stream in play. Worth the search. You can find out a little more on the platform at VADIO or hit up NOVA TV for their current offering.

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