The Brutal Truth Live!

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Radio Today's 'The Brutal Truth'

Live at the National Radio Conference this Friday


Frank answers to your most brutal questions

by Australia's only leading on-air talent

brazen, brave and crazy enough to front this panel…



   Merrick Watts (SCA)      Paul Murray (Fairfax)      Robin Bailey (ARN)      
   Dylan Lewis (DMG)      Rachel Corbett (SCA)      

crisis-managed by Radio Today's Scott Muller

Everything you always wanted to know….

….but were too afraid of sudden involuntary redundancy to ask! 


…from dealing with deranged GMs, PDs, CDs, and EPs

to soul-selling Integrations, Promotions and Sales people…


No question too curly! No topic too hairy!

No ratings-day analogy too football-related!


Click below to drop punt (submit) the question(s)

you want to see our talent run the length of the field to crash-tackle – 

then stand back….and watch them score an own goal


"Merrick / Paul / Robin / Dylan / Rach: what is the Brutal Truth about….

(insert your Brutal Truth question in the comment box below)"


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