Radio Today Podcast: Will the ACRAs return in 2021? And is local radio redundant?

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On this week’s Radio Today Tonight podcast we have two big questions, and propose two big answers.

With attention on 2DayFM’s Morning Crew, is it fair that there is so much focus on where the talent is on any given day? Does Hughesy need to move to Sydney? Can the show ever be successful if it’s not entirely Sydney based? (Okay, that’s way more than two questions, so time for a few more). Why are things different for King Kyle up in Port Douglas? And is the conversation ‘so 1990s’? Or is it more relevant than ever?

Plus, the team reveals the plans for this year’s Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs), and speculates on just how this might play out on the tables, the dance floor, and behind the curtains.

Radio Today Tonight is back for 2021, coming to you each Thursday and mixing the biggest news of the week, along with a discussion of all the personalities, politics and pressures involved in the audio industry.

It will be jointly hosted by Radio Today editor Vivienne Kelly and publisher Jake Challenor.

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Peter Johnson
11 Feb 2021 - 6:59 pm

Can you guys please make sure the podcast comes out the same time each week? Sometimes its Thursday morning, sometimes Friday morning – it gets very confusing

Just make it 6pm every Thursday and I will set my alarm. Thanks


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