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One of the great things about the Radio Today community is the level of engagement that you have with us, and each other, via the comments on our website. They are sometimes positive, sometimes negative, and sometimes in between.

All comments we receive are pre-moderated (for legal reasons primarily) and probably around 80% of what is submitted is published. However, we have decided to make a slight change to our comments policy, and we’d like to outline it here.

Everyone has opinions and that’s to be expected and encouraged. At times those opinions will be expressed in a somewhat strong fashion.

Our approach is that if a comment is being critical of an individual, or is of an overly personal nature, it will not be published unless the person commenting has attributed their name to the comment; ie: not done so anonymously, or under a pseudonym. This doesn’t mean it will be published necessarily, it depends on the context and the content. 

This is not a significant change in our policy, but it’s a tightening up of this one aspect of it. That said, keep your comments coming, it’s great for the discussions to have dialogue around content and issues, and we aprpeciate your involvement!

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