Radio stunts on April Fool’s Day

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Yesterday, Fitzy & Wippa kicked off the April Fool's Day stunts when Fitzy pretended to quit live on-air.

This morning we have heard that John Laws was doing breakfast on 2SM and their imaging was switched to "Breakfast with Graeme Gilbert", Jonesy & Amanda did a short switcheroo and were heard on sister station KIIS 106.5 and in Perth, Heidi, Will & Woody left their mics on during songs so listeners could hear their off air chats (listen below).

Other radio stations have also got into the spirit of the day (share your pranks here)

2Day FM Breakfast – Jules, Merrick & Sophie with Mel B started their show with this opener :-
or hear it here

At 2UE John Stanley & Garry Linnell opened the Sydney Morning Herald this morning and spotted an ad of them with hair.

PD Clinton Maynard told the guys that research showed people prefer their breakfast hosts to have hair.

How the guys usually look :-


Joshua Olek pranked his boss for April Fool's Day at 2XL.



Snow FM's Brekky Central, Scotty and Blacker, fooled their listeners that Coldplay were in the Snowy Mountains.


SYN in Melbourne announced the SYN Media Retirement Village for when people get really, really old… like, 26 !

Mix 101.1's Chrissie and Jane organised for MKR contestants Carly and Tresne to 'accidentally' let slip who wins the series. Listeners were sucked in until Manu revealed it as a joke.


Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 106.5 stitched up Intern Pete making him believe they were throwing him an enormous 30th.


2GN did a phone topic on a government idea of extending daylight saving to become a 12 month thing while Eagle FM gave away 100 tax free….



Hot FM Central Queensland breakfast duo Browny & EJ tried to convince their listeners that Browny was leaving to work in the US.

Have a listen below (includes an American PD "Dr Rock" played by 96FM Perth's PD Brad McNally).

Nova 919's Dylan Lewis pranked Port player Ollie Wines on behalf of Kane Cornes. Lewis pretended to be a smoothfm Melbourne announcer.

Star 104.5's Craig & Mandy surprised GM Paul Moltzen when he rocked up for work.



Post by Thom Wood.


In New Zealand, The Edge swapped with The Rock for 30 minutes of breakfast. See what happened and how their listeners took the change here.

Heidi, Will & Woody on 92.9 Perth left their mics on during the songs from 6am – 8am and ended up fooling listeners and staff.
or hear it here

LAFM and Chilli management decided to ‘broaden the demographic reach’ of each station so decided to split the Gen Y/Z (18-34) show on Chilli in half and place 23 year old Josh on LAFM.

At the same time they split the Gen X/Baby Boomer (35-54) LAFM breakfast show and moved Jules over to Chilli.

They were left with Tim & Jules on Chilli and Fairsy & Josh on LAFM. Capturing the young and the old on both streams, supposedly.



All 3 brands in Bundaberg had some fun with the day.

  • 4BU made an important announcement that they had installed a new transmitter that allowed listeners to talk directly to the jocks via their own radio
  • Hitz 939 announced they were changing the format to a country music format
  • Kix ran an exclusive interview with Brook Chivell who announced he was bringing out a new Country Rap Album, or 'C Rap' for short.


Christian and Amy from Now FM snuck into work last night and re-recorded the first song of their PD's second hour on air.


If you have done something for April Fool's Day let us know here.

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