Radio Ratings: Q&A with NOVA Entertainment’s Brendan Taylor

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The third GfK radio ratings survey for the year is done and dusted.

Now its time for the networks to attempt to make sense of it all, and Radio Today caught up with NOVA Entertainment group program operations director Brendan Taylor.

Radio Today: It’s the first survey since bringing in Smallzy in Sydney and Matt Tilley in Melbourne. Are you guys pretty happy with how they’re tracking at the moment?

Brendan Taylor: To be honest, we’re thrilled with the results for both Smallzy and Matt Tilley. Look, [they were on air] four weeks out of survey period, yeah we’re very pleased with the guys. Smallzy up 25,000 listeners in Sydney, and Matt with 52,000 in Melbourne. It’s early days [for] listener feedback and research. We’re quietly confident [and] we’re thrilled with the result that both those shows performed.

RT: Smallzy is still #1 nationally on nights. I assume you’re happy with how he’s balancing everything and the product he keeps delivering?

BT: I mean, he’s an absolute radio professional, he’s so passionate at his craft. You know, 46 number ones, national number ones for Smallzy’s Surgery is a testament to Smallzy, to Zach, and to Gemma [and] Dan also who work closely on that show. We’re thrilled by the results of those guys. He’s a machine when it comes to work, you can’t stop him… He’s very pleased with today’s results.

RT: smooth is #1 again in Sydney and Melbourne. What else is there to say about that result and is it now a definite trend?

BT: Oh yeah, it’s a trend. I think PJ (Paul Jackson) said it last time he spoke with you guys, consistency is key here. [It’s been] Seven years of consistent growth, of consistent Breakfast shows, great presenters across the Day, Drive [and] Evenings. I couldn’t be happier [with] the results today. Second [#1] in a row for Smooth Melbourne, and Sydney I think is up to their fifth in a row, so couldn’t be happier for [them] and the team that work on smooth. It’s just an outstanding result.

RT: The last few surveys we’ve seen a bit of an upturn in I guess the age demos that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Smooth. Is that as a result of targeting that age group, or do you think that’s just coming naturally?

BT: I think it’s just coming naturally. It’s already a station you can put on in Breakfast, and you tend to leave it on all day. I mean, all music tastes [can] evolve over time… it’s an easy listen and they’re all classy presenters. So I think they’re seeing that in the results.

RT: Kate, Tim and Marty back to number one in Sydney, obviously a really great result. Do you think they can get back and be number one across all markets before the year’s out?

BT: Oh yeah… there’s no doubt they had a slow start to the year, but today’s results reflect the audience, and it’s a great result for them nationally. [Kate, Tim & Marty] are up to 19 number ones I believe. You know, [it’s a] heritage show [with] great talent… we couldn’t be happier.

RT: Looking at Brisbane to see market-leading positions on Breakfast, Drive and overall must be really pleasing.

BT: It’s a very competitive market place, but it just shows the strength of Jay Walkerden and the Brisbane team. They’re a highly passionate team [and] we’re all proud of the numbers that those guys pulled today. I think they’re all dedicated to their craft and I think it’s coming through with the results.

RT: Can you can shed any light on why Brisbane such a tough market?

BT: I just think it’s very dynamic. You’ve got quality broadcasters on all stations [who are] putting their all into their craft to get a result. So I think it’s just great competition, and we’re doing a good job at the moment, and it’s down to Jay and Ash. The teams are just fantastic, so they deserve the result.

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10 Jun 2019 - 11:40 am

They should roll out Smooth on 97.3 in Brisbane.
97.3 should be doing a whole lot better and as Nova is part owner they should pressure ARN to switch it to Smooth 97.3 – it would be a clear number one with that format…. easily.


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