Paul Murray out of the Picture?

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We already know they have one man sorted for the new Triple M drive offering in 2015, Merrick Watts.

When we spoke to Triple M Network Group CD, Mike Fitzpatrick and we asked where and when  they were “announcing the Journalistic Newsy type person”  to join Merrick he told us:

“Imminent. Journalist/Newsy but also with a sense of humour. The ability to take the piss, understand we are not hiring Hugh Riminton.”

He was right it wasn’t Hugh, but speculation ever since has been that Paul Murray was the man tipped to take the seat next to Merrick. But that doesn’t look it will get off the ground either.

It has been reported that Sky News Australia will not allow Paul to break an exclusivity clause in his contract to take on the additional full-time radio gig.

Right now Paul Murray Live on Sky News is pushed around the country at 9pm from Sunday to Thursday.

So what now for Triple M?

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