Osher & Heather for Hit Network

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Osher Günsberg and Heather Maltman will be covering breakfast from this Monday across the Hit Network in the cap cities.


Heather Maltman, from The Batchelor stable of talent said:  ‘To me working with Osher will be like bathing in milk. It’s a little weird, but once in, you start to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! He’s an intelligent, hard working, funny man who challenges the way I think. I cannot wait to bust a rhyme with this kid on radio!

Osher,  who is set to join Stav & Abby in the New Year in Brisbane said: ’I am so grateful to work with Heather on this show, she’s as fun as you think she is to hang out with. Also, she’s taller than me but thankfully you can’t hear that’.

Breakfast with Osher and Heather will go through to Christmas. Rove & Sam will continue on 2Day FM 6-9am weekdays until Friday 18 December.

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