Online data collection ‘promising’

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Commercial Radio Australia have today said a trial of online data collection was 'promising'.

The trial was conducted by Ipsos across March as part of the exploration of supplementary data collection methods for the radio surveys. The current contract with Nielsen Media Research to survey radio listening ends in December 2014, and the contract will be put to tender towards the end of this year.

“The recent Ipsos trial reported completion rates of 66% which is a promising sign given our last trial of online diaries in 2007 had completion rates of only around 30%. However, it is still well short of the dairy completion rates of over 80%,“ Ms Warner said.

Ms Warner said the industry will now further explore with Ipsos to increase the completion rates for the online diary. In addition, CRA is working with Nielsen and Gfk on additional trials of other supplementary data collection methods.

Ms Warner said “Australian radio has one of the most robust listenership measurement systems in the world but that doesn’t stop us investigating ways to improve it further.  It should also be remembered that one of radio’s major strengths, its mobility and reach into all situations, conversely provides one of the major challenges for radio audience measurement.”

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