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There’s something to be said about parallel thinking.

After today’s announcement that Matt Okine and Alex Dyson had inked a deal to host “Australia’s first on-demand breakfast show”, Radio Today can now debunk that claim.

As it turns out, it’s not the “first” we were led to believe, not by a three-year mile.

Melbourne’s SYN radio, the youth-run not-for-profit station, was first to market with an All Day Breakfast podcast back in 2017.

It’s hosts were Brent Watkinson, Josh Parish, Bonnie Barkmeyer and Eli Marsland.

The show, which also aired on SYN 90.7 each Monday, wrapped in 2018 after 29 episodes.

Former host Watkinson reached out to Radio Today, who didn’t care to make a fuss.

“It’s good to know we were trailblazers back at SYN,” said Watkinson, who is now one half of the Hot Breakfast on Hot100 in Darwin with Dannii McMurrich.

A member of the OG All Day Breakfast has since posted an image of Radio Today’s Matt & Alex yarn on Facebook, with the caption “Australia’s first? Come at us Matt Okine [and] Alex Dyson”.

Just one fan of the former SYN show replied: “Imitation (or outright theft in this case) is the sincerest form of flattery. Apparently.” And allegedly, we might add.

We thought it was rather fitting that SYN’s version launched with the tagline “one finger on the pulse, and another on the snooze button”.

Either way, Radio Today looks forward to an OG All Day Breakfast reunion on Matt & Alex’s new All Day Breakfast, which is available now on your go-to podcast app.

All episodes of Australia’s first-first All Day Breakfast also remain available online.

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