Nova drive finish off survey with a Man Hunt

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Nova's national drive show, Meshel, Tim & Marty, have been running a 'Man Hunt' to uncover Australia’s every day, guys next door to create a 2013 calendar.

They were looking for…

  • the guy next door
  • the hot dad from the burbs
  • the gardener
  • the nerd
  • the teacher
  • the chippy

The 12 guys have been selected and are now getting their photo's done with themes based around their personalities. They feature cupid wings, cowboy chaps, a superhero costume and even a bunny rabbitt. Here are just a few of the sneak peak pics:

Mr. June (Accountant) Mr. May (Mummy's boy) Well….you know.

The reveal of the calendar will happen at an event tomorrow, where one of the 12 guys will also win $5000 and be crowned Australia's Magic Mike, as voted by Nova listeners.

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