No wedding, but a great promo

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February 29 is traditionally the one day of the year when women can propose marriage to their partner.

Aimee Parker from Bendigo, yesterday proposed to her long-term boyfriend, 3BO FM morning announcer, Ben Jones, live on the stations Breakfast show. Ben was caught slightly unaware and declined the proposal telling the Bendigo Advertiser, 'as flattered as I was, I'd hope to do it at a more fitting time'.

On air he was slightly less tactful “Aimee you might as well get up off your knee, you'll have a silk gown and a kiss when you get home from work".

Aimee responded –  "But I don't have my dignity, do I"

You can hear the slightly awkward exchange, at least from Aimee's perspective here.

It would be fair to assume that Ben now has no brownie points left, and may be sleeping on the couch for a few days.

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