“Behind the Scenes”

What’s happens when your new 2017 photo shoot goes off the rails? You post it on Facebook. Here is Hit104.7’s Tanya Hennessy take on when you violate Facebooks  “community standards” – or is their double standards?

The other night I posted a picture of my butt on Facebook.

I know right, who am I? I’m not really the” butt selfie Instagram’ girl. I’m more the “here’s something I bought at Valleygirl that doesn’t fit” girl.

Let me explain!

My co-announcer Ryan and I had a promo photoshoot yesterday for 2017. So out comes the standard (pleather) skirt when I have to look professional/do a photoshoot.

In the change room I realise that I can’t wear undies with this skirt cause its freaking tight AF and you will clearly see the undie line in the pic, so off the Bonds go. I proceed to pull, squeeze and contort myself into the skirt. I realise midway through – it’s been a year since last time I wore this skirt (2016 photoshoot to be exact).

I’m sweaty by the time I get the skirt on, safe to say- it didn’t fit as well as I would have liked. BUT, I got it on, it sucked me in, only issue was- it didn’t zip up at the back.

But it looked fine from the front. From the back you could see my butt. However, from the front it looked fine and I thought “meh you won’t see the back in photos” so I will leave it. I will cry in a bath about my weight gain later.

However Ryan and I thought it was just funny and made a video.

Then, I screen shot my exposed butt from the video and put it online, with the caption “2016 got me like” #relatablefeels

It got reported as my photo violated the community standards of Facebook.

Seriously? If this offended someone, surely they were offended by Kim’s numerous butt pics too? So why aren’t hers taken down?

How many times have we seen a Kardashian butt online? Countless, Kylie had her butt out 3 times this week! So is mine more offensive cause I’m a size 14 and not perfectly edited and real?

So here’s my question, why did my butt picture get reported by Facebook standards and Kim Kardashians doesn’t?

I never thought a cheeky Facebook post would make me so mad, but here I am, PISSED on a Wednesday, I’m also mad about the photo!

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