my top 5 reasons being single on-air can be difficult….

Admittedly, I’m not good at anything.

Honestly I’m a mess. Even Lena Dunham would look at my life and think “Girrrrrl, Saos and cheese are not dinner”.

But if there is one thing I nail. It’s being single.

I have been single, for what feels like forever.

Three years of that forever, I have been spent on air in regional markets.

Here’s my top 5 reasons being single on-air can be difficult….

It’s regional. Meaning significantly less people. Literally, when I was in Griffith there were four, yup, four guys on Tinder.

If you do meet someone awesome on the weekend, they can listen to you for 3.5 hours the next day/week.

It’s crazy cause you just do your show … knowing the boy you like is getting to know you more. But you’re not getting to know them more. I share more with my listeners than with a boy on the first few weeks of dating.
When you first get to know someone, you’re being the best version of yourself.

But on air, I’m just myself.

Oh, and forget playing hard to get. Cause they know where you are and what you’re doing constantly.

“Can’t hang out I’m busy!”

“No, you’re not I can hear that you’re at Harvey Norman”.

“Ah… yes. Wanna buy a fridge? 25% off all whitegoods in store today only”.

People don’t realise that even though you are being your real true self on-air, you sometimes are extending or exaggerating stories. (I have had boys stop talking to me cause of a story or an opinion I have shared on air).


They are scared they are going to end up on air.

Or, worse, they only want to date you so they end up on air.


Can my band play on your show?”

“Can you talk about my business?”

“Did I make it to your show today?”

You’re vulnerable. You’re out there in the public eye. I have spoken about my struggles with weight, about being bullied, and I always make jokes about being desperate and single on air. Which gives them such an insight into who you are but you’re still at the ground floor with them.


I think being single and being on air in a regional market can be tough, but at the end of the day – at this point, I’m married to my mic. (Would I prefer to be married to an actual Mike? Yes, but I will take what I can get).

I have faith that the right one will come along and understand the whole radio thing.

Tanya Hennessy is a Newcastle girl who started life as an actor, dabbled in comedy, and now works as the brekky announcer at 100.7 HOTFM Toowoomba. Prior to this she worked at NewFM, NXFM and StarFM Griffith.

Tanya recently (and unsuccessfully) campaigned for adults to be able to order children’s meals in cafes and pubs.
Her passions include; snapchat, sitting down and grated cheese.

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