I found friends. Well, I’m getting there

Last week I wrote a piece about moving interstate for a job. How I was feeling super lonely in a new city and struggling to find friends. Since writing it my Twitter and Facebook exploded.

I’m talking thousands of inboxes and tweets.

Most of them from people saying how lonely and friendless they felt when they moved to Canberra, (or other states and territories for work).

Almost every person who wrote to me said “I will hang with you, I have no friends either!” I think it’s extraordinary that so many people would reach out and want to befriend a stranger. (Faith in humanity restored) But in reality, it’s more a reflection of the frustration of isolation and friendlessness.

So, I took a few people up on their offers, and am happy to report I’m going to a BBQ next weekend with some Canberrans I have been chatting to on Facebook.

Am I nervous about this? Of course.

But, I guess this week I have learnt that it’s about saying “yes” to anything and everything. Even if it’s after work and you’re tired and couldn’t be bothered. It’s about really throwing yourself out there and stepping outside your comfort zone. I guess, I get a bit anxious when it comes to this kind of stuff. (I know you wouldn’t think it, due to being a radio announcer, but I am.)
So with this in mind, I went all out. I asked a girl at work out for dinner and we have been out twice since. We text a lot too. It’s about having someone to download the day to, and it’s comforting knowing I have someone to text Sunday morning seeing if they want to do brekky.

A lady I met at the Colour Run inboxed me on Facebook, and we have a movie date locked in for after Easter.
Some of the Canberra media tweeted me, so I’m looking forward to hanging out with those guys too. I think we might start a network for young media professionals in Canberra. (What a win!)

(That’s another interesting point, it’s also about finding “friend matches”- if you will. Finding those like-minded people or “your people”. You have to find people you click with. It’s like dating, you’ve got to have that spark!)

Oh, I also signed up for terrarium school. Where you learn to make terrariums. I know. So random.

I found there is a ukulele group in town too, so I plan to go to that as well.

And while I’m doing EVERYTHING, I also inquired about an adult’s ballet class. I will look horrific in a leotard. But YOLO, right?

I’m just going to step out right of my comfort zone. As Jillian Michaels’ says, “If you don’t ask a girl or a guy on a date, you won’t get rejected. But you won’t fall in love either. If you don’t apply for the job, then you won’t get the position you want”.

Bethany LarsenInterestingly, we have a new female announcer (from Townsville) starting next week. So I’m really excited to be her first Canberra friend. In fact, I’m demanding she come to dinner with me week one! She will be me two months ago — new in town and with no friends.

So, guess what Bethany, you’re my new bestie.

So … yes. I have finally found friends! Well, I’m at least on my way.

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