Mum’s the word at Adelaide’s Life FM


Not all of us are lucky enough to still have our mums in our lives – or even a mother figure to go to for support.

But a new segment on Adelaide’s Life FM is giving young people with a strained or non-existent mother-child relationship the space to ask questions typically asked of a mum.

Mary-Anne ‘Maz’ Maio – host and producer of The Takeover – recently collaborated with co-host Lilli Fulwood to create new segment called ‘Hey Mum …’

Aimed at the show’s core demographic of 12 to 25 year-olds, the segment sees Lilli’s mum Fiona join Maz and Lilli on-air to answer two questions.

One question is around a practical issue, such as ‘How often should I wash my bed sheets?’ or ‘What’s the key to your tuna mornay recipe?’

The other question a little deeper and more personal, such as ‘How do I know I’m where I should be right now in my life?’ or ‘I have been chatting with a friend and feel we both like each other, but don’t know if I should pursue dating them or not because I don’t want to compromise our friendship. What do you think I should do?’

Nearly three years ago, Maz’s own mum passed away from a long illness.

Maz came up with the idea for the segment when her mum was unwell.

It was decided that Fiona – who regularly gives talks on dating to young people in youth groups in her hometown of Mt Gambier – would be perfect for the role.

Listeners are encouraged to text through their own questions, whether mundane, like ‘How do I get my flowers to last longer?’ or deeper, such as ‘I’ve been dating this guy for a while. How can I know if we’re ready for marriage?’

“I wanted to give other young people who don’t have a positive motherly presence in their lives the chance to feel heard and safe in asking their questions to another mum,” Maz explains.

“There are support groups out there doing incredible work for women who’ve lost their mums, but my hope is that this segment will encourage anyone, male or female, who has either lost their mum or has a strained relationship with their mum, to feel they are not alone in this.”

“Grief is hard, but if I can use my experience and my position in the media to provide a positive platform for others who are also without a mum, it will at least be helping others and making a positive difference.”

Fiona says she wanted to take part to not only support those without a mum, but to help young people know they are valued and loved, even when society may tell them otherwise.

“So many young people today are not necessarily rebelling or making bad choices on purpose, but are making their life decisions in a void.”

“When Lilli floated the idea of joining the show for a brief segment weekly, I was a bit hesitant, to be honest. The question of ‘who did I think I was’ to give advice to anyone was a real and serious question.”

“Then I realised I give advice all the time so I may as well do it on air!” says Fiona.

Lilli is excited to share her mum’s wisdom with the wider community.

“I am extremely blessed to have a loving mum filled with Godly wisdom in my life. Not everyone can say that. I am extremely glad (and maybe a little proud) to share my mum with those who need/want a bit of loving mum advice.”

The Takeover is a live FM radio weeknight music and current affairs program, which focuses on issues that most impact young people across Adelaide, particularly mental health and wellbeing and questions about faith.

The show airs from 7pm-9pm weeknights on 107.9 Life FM.

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