MKR contestant hangs up on radio interview

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Kim and Dave from Hobart's Heart 107.3 chatted to Ashlee Pham, one half of the eliminated MKR duo this morning, but it led to a hang-up.

The chat never seemed totally comfortable, with Pham sounding a bit defensive over the questions being asked.

But when Kim asked if the girls would be back, it led to this response:

"Umm, if you watched the show then you would know that we're coming back to the comeback kitchen."

Kim then admitted she stopped watching the show "because you put me off, and I start yelling at the TV".

Pham responded with "OK, bye" then put the phone down.

Kim then went on to say: "Oh, well that sums her up. That's a bit pissweak isn't it. Honestly, what an absolute b****. Sorry, but she is"

Hear the audio posted on the Herald Sun site here…..

VIDEO: MKR's Ashlee ditches radio jocks

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