Michelle’s Ferris Wheel of Destiny

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There is a unique prize up for grabs at Brisbane's 'Ekka' this weekend, along with the fluffy toys, plastic guns and 2c lollies.

Triple M Grill Team's Michelle Anderson's heart could be won.

Her co-hosts, Marto and Pete Timbs, want to find her a love match, so they've come up with 'Michelle's Ferris Wheel of Destiny'.

Michelle will ride the ferris wheel and speed date 5 men, each guy getting one revolution to impress.

Marto says…

“Single men are outrageously outnumbered by single women in Brisbane, but with an average 400,000 people visiting the Ekka each year, Michelle’s chances are looking up. There’s only one catch for the lucky blokes; one spin of the Ferris Wheel equals one whole date, meaning they have all of about 3 minutes to turn on the charm."

Michelle is optimistic and says…

“The odds are against us single ladies in Brisbane, so the Ekka is the perfect place to cast the net and check out some fresh faces. It’s where the city meets the country and everyone knows opposites attract – I’m not saying I prefer cowboys, but I’m certainly not saying I don’t!”

They have already begun the search to find the 5 blokes, with the challenge taking place when they broadcast from the Ekka this Thursday morning.

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