Mental health podcast ‘Do You F*cking Mind?’ joins LiSTNR

Alexis Fernandez’s Do You F*cking Mind? podcast has joined LiSNTR today, bringing the straight-talking mental health series to the platform. 

The best-selling author launched Do You F*cking Mind? from her bedroom while completing a Masters degree in neuroscience, creating the podcast to provide listeners with scientifically backed tools to improve their mental health. 

The podcast is a mix of neuroscience, psychology and tough love told in a frank manner, as Fernandez explains it, the podcast delivers “mindset hacks for a badass life.”

“When the podcast began, I was halfway through my Masters degree in neuroscience, and so I was keen to share what I was learning and to connect with people that wanted to work on themselves,” said Fernandez.

“No matter what episode you listen to, each one aligns with my ‘why’ for podcasting – to help people improve their relationship with themselves.” 

New listeners can expect guest interviews and listener questions like, ‘How do you die of water poisoning?’ ‘What does cocaine do to your brain?’ and ‘Can you survive with half a brain?’

Discussions cover emotions, relationships and dilemmas, with Fernandez incorporating neuroscience to help listeners understand how it impacts their lives. 

“There’s a lot of health and wellness podcasts that profile people but leave you feeling dog sh*t and helpless afterwards – we’re the opposite of that,” she said.

“In every episode, I share actionable tools that anyone can put into practice to change their f*cking life!” 

New episodes are released twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays. 

Listen to new episodes and the complete back catalogue of Do You F*cking Mind? here

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