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If you haven't registered your name and email address yet on Radio Today, it would be great if you did.

Why register? Three reasons:

  • It takes all of 30 seconds to do. Seriously it takes less time to register than it takes to sit through one of those hideous AMI nasal spray ads.
  • It is entirely free. Yep that's right, it won't cost you a cent. Ever.
  • You will receive our Radio Today newsletter a couple of times a week, or whenever we get of our arse to write it. It'll give you the heads-up on any breaking news, plus a summary of some of the biggest stories that we have been talking about.

The registration form is on this page (at top right), but hey if that's a bit too much mucking about you can just click on the picture of this cute meerkat and you're sorted. 

So there you go. Register away. You know you want to. And the meerkat will love you just a little bit more if you do.

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