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The Australian’s Darren Davidson has done a whip around a number of  Media’s movers and shakers at a CEO level, to get the lay of the land and what lies ahead for 2016 and beyond. From the radio side, Nova Entertainment’s Cathy O’Connor and SCA’s Grant Blackley step up to the plate.

Grant Blackley like Cathy O’Connor, each identify investment in their content and talent for 2016.

For Grant, he takes a customer level focus saying that SCA will invest in “Micro-local relevant content that we can deliver across a number of platforms making it easier for our customers.”

For Cathy, a similar thread whereby NE plan to invest: “In content and the talent that creates it. We will also bring different skill sets into the business in the areas of data and technology, to innovate and drive audience and revenue. We will have a big focus on partnerships which drive value.

With the final Survey of the year released tomorrow, with some big money already invested by some, no doubt further discussions of what’s next is on the cards. But The Australian then also takes a bit of longer look ahead, asking both what the biggest opportunity is in the next five years.

Cathy sees an opportunity for the industry collectively working together on improved outcomes on measurement and data. For NE she said: “… the opportunity is to continue to evolve our content offering beyond broadcast and monetise big ideas on a mass scale that we are known for — Nova’s Taylor Swift Red Room is a good example of that trend.”

For his part, Grant Blackley said: The biggest opportunity for the radio industry is for our advertising share to accurately and therefore fairly reflect the share and effectiveness that radio plays in the media landscape”.

Each also talks about disruption in the media space, as do some of the other Media CEO’s. It worth a read in The Australian  to see how each sees the year ahead and the media landscape broadly.









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