MC’s award ‘in very poor taste’

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With the news of MC's Next Top Jock Award reaching the UK yesterday, Labour MP Keith Vaz (who speaks on behalf of the nurses family) spoke to Channel 5 News saying:

"I am appalled that they first of all entered for this award and secondly were given this award. It's in very poor taste and frankly reflects very badly on the DJ for having accepted it, but also on the company for having given it to him.

At the end of the day, as a direct result of this prank, somebody lost their lives and I think what he ought to do, is he ought to hand it back, he certainly shouldn't accept the prize which I understand is a visit to Los Angeles.

They would want to put an end to this international furore by apologising and drawing a line under it, not extending the frankly insulting behaviour and ensuring that it continues further."


Also, Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told 3AW, "To be seen to be awarding people so soon after such an event, I think, is just in bad taste."

But beyondblue chairman, and former Victorian premier, Jeff Kennett has told AAP that it was outrageous to criticise granting an award based on someone's professional development within a company.

"The consequences of what happened were unintended and terribly sad, so why would you want to hurt him now? I've got no hassles with it (the award) at all."

See more in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

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