Matty Johns will not return to Triple M in 2019

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Triple M has revealed that Matty Johns has decided to leave radio.

As reported by Radio Today earlier this week, Johns was sick of the early starts and had requested a move away from The Grill Team in 2019.

Johns has reportedly asked for “another role in the business”, but a statement from Triple M released today revealed that the former NRL star is leaving radio entirely.

“We’ve been grateful to have Matty as a part of our Triple M family for such a long time and while we’re disappointed he won’t be continuing on The Grill Team, we understand that with his other media commitments, he needs a break from breakfast radio,” said Triple M head of content Mike Fitzpatrick.

Replacing Johns after eight years won’t be easy, especially as his departure comes less than a year after fellow long-serving Grill Team member Mark Geyer (now hosting The Rush Hour).

“We’ll use this opportunity to explore all options, get the best person to join our breakfast team in 2019, and keep delivering a great entertaining Triple M breakfast show for Sydney,” said Fitzy.

Johns has been in the gig since 2011.

“I would like to thank everyone at Triple M, in particular everyone associated with the Grill Team,” said Johns.

“The eight years have been so enjoyable, with plenty of laughs and plenty of great memories, it hasn’t felt like a job at all.

“The challenge has been juggling my late-night commitments with Fox Sports, along with the early hours of breakfast radio.

After eight years, that can take a toll and for that reason I’ve decided to take a break from radio. Not an easy decision, but the right one.

“Once again, thank you to all at Triple M, you’ve been terrific to me.”

Triple M will send Matty off with a big celebration over the next five weeks, with his final day being The Grill Team’s last broadcast of the year – December 7.

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Hussein K.
1 Nov 2018 - 6:07 pm

While I wish Matty all the best, I hope he’s making the right decision – sounds like regret is starting to surface.

1 Nov 2018 - 8:58 pm

Crazy to not move him into the NRL weekend coverage. He was great on the Sunday show in their first year with Gordon Tallis and Paul Kent

2 Nov 2018 - 9:37 am

Big shoes to fill Triple M breakfast is in desperate need of a refresh anyway. Two new brekky shows for SCA Sydney next year !

4 Nov 2018 - 6:34 pm

Shame, its a funny show when he is there and dead as a doornail when he isnt. They are manoeuvering the Moonman into position but he is a solid foil for Matty, not a replacement. I guess when you add in Wil Anderson and Michael Usher as regular guests you are really scraping the barrel anyway but I was always able to scrub them in the podcast and will really miss the show. Chris Page and Gus, also great to listen to, should jump ship before its too late.


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