Nova savaged by Marty Sheargold and Sam Pang on ‘HYBPA?’

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Everything from Nova’s playlist and talent line-up to Marty Sheargold’s departure from the Kate, Tim & Marty show was fair game last night on Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?

“It’s come up a couple of times about Marty leaving Nova – of course we used to work there together – and people say that he left of his own accord. Frogmarched out of the building is another way to put it,” quipped Nova’s Melbourne Breakfast co-host Sam Pang.

Pang having a beer with a cardboard Sheargold on last night’s HYBPA?

Ed Kavalee, current co-host of the Hit Network’s Drive show, Hughesy & Ed, also got his shot in.

The show played a clip of Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie saying “you fail, you lose, you’re out, you’re finished, you’re gone. Get on the damn dole queue”, with Kavalee concluding “I believe that’s what was written in Marty’s farewell card at Nova”.

Sheargold, however got his own back, when shown this image and asked to guess what it was.

Sheargold was asked to identify what was in this image

His response? “Kate, Tim and Joel Creasey”.

It was, however, an image of a trio of “newly discovered toothless parrot-like dinosaurs”.

And it wasn’t just the talent shuffles in the firing line.

Upon discovering the viral YouTube hit Baby Shark is being used in Oklahoma prisons as a form of torture, Nova’s Pang said: “There’s a couple of songs playing on Nova that could be on that list.”

Rival Kavalee corrected him noting: “There’s a couple of shows on Nova that could be on that list.”

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14 Oct 2020 - 8:27 am

At first I thought COVID meant that there was not a lot of quality music being released but then I saw that the other networks were able to find some good music to play.

Rob Sutton
14 Oct 2020 - 10:16 am

I am sure Marty Sheargold was let go by Nova. And I don’t think his phone is ringing at the moment


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