Maddie Burke: 5 Questions on the Last 5 years.

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Maddie Burke has been on Breakfast news with Nathan, Nat and Shaun at Nova937 for the past 5 years. By her calculations that’s around 12,500 bulletins and a lot of early starts. Thursday, she read her last bulletin as  Breakfast Newsreader on Nova. We asked Maddie 5 questions on the last 5 years.

Q1: What’s has been the best part of working with Nathan, Nat and Shaun on Nova breakfast?

Nathan, Nat and Shaun are hilarious and hard working. Nova 937 has exceptionally high standards for their product, which includes news content and delivery. For me, working with a hugely successful team is what delivered the job satisfaction…you don’t wake up at 3.15am for 5 years if you don’t love it!

Q2: Worst part of doing breakfast news?

The toll it takes on your personal life and health. I’m a terrible sleeper, so have felt constantly exhausted for the past half a decade.


Q3: What have been the biggest changes you have seen in the way news is covered over the last five years?

Twitter plays a huge role with sharing news. As far as delivery goes, the best FM newsreaders in Australia are writing and reading more ‘engaging’ bulletins than ever before.


Q4: It’s become a Perth institution – what’s one thing you have seen cooked with Deep FRYday – that you wouldn’t touch?

Well I’m Vego, so I don’t touch half of it! Matt Preston deep-fried Spam. Nathan, Nat and Shaun loved it, but I never would!


Q5: What’s next for you besides a sleep in?

My future is an open book right now. I’m looking forward to a new challenge in 2016. It won’t be far from radio!

Good Luck Maddie!


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