Let Adam Liaw show you How Taste Changed the World

Released today, Adam Liaw embarks on his latest food journey with his Audible exclusive podcast, How Taste Changed the World. 

Adam is joined by great minds of the science community on the seven-part series to explore human biology and change the way you look at food.

Adam takes listeners on a thought-provoking adventure as he investigates the science and history of our five tastes – sweet, bitter, salty, sour and umami. 

Our taste for salt is vital to our biology, but it also turned food into a commodity, underpinning global economics for thousands of years. 

Sweetness that once guided our evolutionary forebears to energy-rich fruits is now used to sell us soft drinks. Our biology explains why we like red wine with steak, or tea with dumplings. 

This immersive new Audible Original unravels how taste can improve our food, our society and our planet.

On 1 June, Adam will be taking part in Vivid Sydney’s Ideas Exchange with Audible Live: Stories Made to be Heard, during which he’ll discuss the podcast and concepts further. Get tickets at Vivid Sydney.

How Taste Changed the World is available now and free for Audible members. Find it at audible.com.au/taste.

Radio Today has an extended interview with Adam in this podcast.

He tells Bray why British beef stock cubes are named Oxo and why your can can’t taste sugar, as well as a fascinating discussion about doing cooking topics in an audio format without seeing, smelling or tasting the food.


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