Le Tan & Nova targeted by Change.org

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A social media campaign launched against Le Tan and the Nova Network has been successful, with Le Tan's current radio campaign taken off-air.

The radio commercials featured a male announcer saying that 'pasty white skin is never a good look', and has now been withdrawn. Le Tan have apologised for the commercial saying;

“After carefully considering all the feedback, and given it was never our intent to cause offence, we have removed the radio ads.”


The petition organiser, Georgina Bitcon wrote;

  Low self esteem and poor body image are huge problems facing our generation.

The Le Tan ads directly exploit women’s insecurities to attempt to make profit.

The ad contains a man saying that a woman 'looks hot' and then shudders away when she takes of her jacket to reveal her 'PWS' (AKA Pasty White Skin), a term coined by the cosmetics company to infer that to have pale skin is akin to a disorder or condition.

The campaign directly announces through the male character, and I quote, that 'Pasty White Skin is NEVER a good look' and 'Pasty White Skin is NOT making a comeback'.

As I listened to this radio ad, I was driving an 8 year old girl home from school. That 8 year old has gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, the biggest blue eyes you will ever see and the skin of a porcelain doll. I watched her reaction as a fellow ‘pasty girl’ and could see her mortification.

Young girls should not be made to feel needlessly insecure. This ad targets the vulernable group that is young women and exploits their insecurities.

This campaign is perpetuating the low self-esteem women feel every day in their own skin. Now apparently they also have to feel it because of their own skin.


The 'form letter' that was posted on Change-org to Le Tan, and Nova, is below;


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