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If you were watching TV at any stage across the weekend it would have been hard to miss that Kyle was going to appear on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.

He was interviewed by Mike Willesee, who once was a part owner of several radio stations, one of which Kyle worked at.

They covered:- his family life, being homeless, the times he's been in hot water over something he's said, Alan Jones, what happened at his first gig that nearly got him fired and lots more.

Below are a few interesting moments from the interview….

When his step father kicked him out and he would ride around on his bike until he was tired and needed to rest….

Mike: "To be 15 years of age and looking for a box at night (to sleep in)"

Kyle: "Petrified really. I would steal….the bread and the milk from this shop. So when I’d steal I’d steal to eat that’s it. I couldn’t quite bring myself to eat out of the bin. Always been a little bit fancy. Even homeless (laugh)."

He lived on the streets for nearly a year when his Aunty Jill took him in.

Kyle: "She pretty much did save my life"

When he got his first job at 4TO in 1992 it was nearly over before it began….

Mike: "You told one 80 year old lady to 'f off'”

Kyle: "Yes I did"

Mike: "And when your boss was in the process of nicely sacking you, you said you’d kill him"

Kyle: "Kill him and his whole family I think I said. That was said out of total fear. My whole life I think my drive has been 'I don’t want to be back in that cardboard box' and nothing will stand in the way if I feel threatened."

On the infamous things that were said about a journalist after the debut of the “Kyle and Jackie O’s Night with the Stars” TV show.

Mike: "Was that just purely anger ?"

Kyle: "Yes, I did the wrong thing, said the wrong thing and paid for it."

Mike: "Have you ever said sorry to that journalist ?"

Kyle: "I said it on-air a few times…..I didn’t ring her or speak to her. I’m sure she wouldn’t have taken the call."

Kyle likens what happened next as similar to what’s currently going on with Alan Jones at 2GB.

Mike: "What did you think of Alan Jones’ comment ?"

Kyle: "I like Julia Gillard and I respect the office of the Prime Minister so I thought it was in extreme poor taste but it wasn’t on the radio and it was in a liberal party conference and that group of people would have thought that was hilarious. I know what I said about the journalist was awful as well but it was said. Once the horse has bolted what can you do and I’m sure Alan feels exactly the same way. But I would be horrified if someone said that about any relative of mine that passed on."

They discussed the Lie Detector incident from 2009….

Kyle: "I didn’t mean to probe into her sex life I meant that’s not what we’re asking. Headlines were twisted. It pretty much said I strapped a rape victim to a lie detector and quizzed her about her sex life, which didn’t really happen."

About what happened next….

Kyle: "I just thought I’m going to Los Angeles, I’m going to live there. It was running away. That’s what I did, I ran away. I thought 'it’s too difficult, I just want to flee'."

His Aunty Jill spoke about his break-up from Tamara Jaber (his wife of 22 months).

Aunty Jill: "You’ll be back with Tamara"

Kyle: "No that won’t happen"

Aunty Jill: "Honey I’m hoping and praying that you do, she’s beautiful. You’ll never do any better than her, ever."

They even chatted with John Ibrahim on the streets of King Cross and Kyle described what he likes about him.

Kyle: "He’s up-front, he’s honest, he’s loyal. It’s hard to get that in a friend these days."

They discussed his weight briefly and ended the interview plugging his book ‘Scandalands’.

Mike: (in the book it says) "You were once dependent on cannabis, any problems now ?"

Kyle: "I was, that was when I was in Perth. I was in my later 20’s, engaged, having sex with 6 other girls that worked at the radio station at the same time, smoking marijuana and an obsessive compulsive and an insomniac…’d be on the weed too if you were running with that !"

About the future….

Kyle: "I don’t really think about the future…..I’m happy, I don’t want to come off as some miserable cretin that’s full of rage and says vulgar things to people twice a year. I get up everyday, I’m a happy person."

Mike: "Kyle, thanks for your time"

Kyle: "Thankyou, we should share a joint or something ? (laugh)"

You can see the full 19 minute interview here

Read Radio Today's interview with Kyle from a couple of months back here

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