A fans complaint letter to Kate Miller Heidke

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From time to time all businesses, and performers no doubt, get complaints from customers and fans.

Check out the complaint letter below from a 'fan' of Kate Miller Heidke, who wrote to Kate regarding her show on Monday night in NSW.

Kate is obviously far too polite to have a dig.

However, this guy is a total nutjob. Read his dopey, yet hysterical, complaint letter in full below;



Dear Kate,
with regret I have to write about experiences at your concert last night.

The pre act was juvenile and smutty.
Is this how you think "country people" are warmed up?
I will be interested to hear if this part is done in St Johns in Brisbane.
If not there lies the hypocrisy.

Your manager Adrian?
spoke to me re a number of issues.
As I have spent a life time in Arts Advocacy and have toured and run a theatre company I would like to bring a few things to your attention.
I have had a session with Heather at the Star Court re venue management problems but there are some things here.

Your manager said that the opening act was your husband and that you like the material. Who cares. Much of the audience didn't. It diminished your work.

There was a sea of mobile phones..recording sound and video of your show.
Your manager said you approved??
as an artist advocate I am speechless.
Does it occur to whoever.
1. this is illegal..especially in NSW.
2. If you are trying to make money this radically diminishes your income..sale of CDs…but above all
3. respect your audience…we were in a sea of mobile devices recording and could not possible focus on your work.
I spent the first half hour asking people to turn them off.

The venue people talked, audience drank/constantly stood up and went to the loo in the middle of your songs. There was no policy re latecomers.
There was constant  noise from the bar…..  laughter and bottles/ there was constant noise from the "crew" behind us..particularly trying to get sound balance right..
There were safety issues etc which I will take  up with The Star Court.

It would be a good idea to have..like other artists I see…signed copies of discs in the foyer BEFORE the show as well as your signing afterwards. Many of us are not standing in a bar for 20 min after.

Please..for your integrity.{.something little known by Gen Y yet you sing about it}..make an announcement to turn of mobile devices.
remove the rubbish opening act
and just do your performance.

You have a devine voice.
Unfortunately we left after 30 minutes.

We would also like a refund as $100 went down the drain.


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