Ed Kavalee to replace Kate Langbroek on Hit Drive in 2020

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Kate Langbroek has chosen to extend her stay in Italy in 2020, leaving Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee to present the Hit Network‘s Drive show.

In announcing the network’s 2020 lineup, Southern Cross Austereo revealed that while Langbroek will continue to be a regular part of the show, she won’t return to her full-time role as many expected.

After providing cover over the second half of 2019, former 2DayFM Breakfast host Kavalee becomes a full-time fixture on Drive.

Hughesy & Ed will broadcast from 5pm-7pm Weekdays, with Carrie & Tommy’s early Drive show extending by half an hour (3pm-5pm).

“I’m excited Ed Kavalee is a permanent addition to Drive in 2020 as he and Hughesy have a history and chemistry that is a joy to listen to,” said head of the Hit Network Gemma Fordham.

“We are all obsessed with Kate’s Italian adventure and are living vicariously through her! She will continue to keep us updated via the phone across the year.

“Our Drive double act of Carrie and Tommy and Hughesy and Ed is a sensational offering.

Ash London returns to present Ash London Live from 7pm-9pm, followed by the Danny Lakey Late Show from 9pm-midnight. Tom & Olly follow from 12am-3am.

2020 will also see Those Two Girls (Lise Carlow & Sarah Wills) return to early morning Breakfast.

“We are really proud of our national line up. We are unashamedly committed to talent who are connected to our tribes and communities,” Fordham added.

“We feel fortunate that every team is so full of life and delivers radio entertainment that gives our listeners a boost across their day and makes them feel included and up to date with everything that is important to them and their families.”

Hit’s networked lineup will go out to 43 stations in 2020.

UPDATE: Radio Today understands that Dom Fay, Zach Mander and Michael Parente of late-night show Collective Noun have yet to make a decision regarding their future with the Hit Network beyond 2019.

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6 Dec 2019 - 10:42 am

What’s happened to Collective Noun?! They we’re on weekday late nights. More creative show on SCA…or it was.

Scott Thomson
6 Dec 2019 - 2:46 pm

Why is there no change to nights when it continues to rate so poorly

6 Dec 2019 - 3:38 pm

No shock there. I don’t understand why people thought she was coming back.

1. You only had to listen to her speak during her occasional appearances.
2. The network had been ramping up the Ed branding on the show for months, which would make no sense if he wasn’t going to be returning next year.
3. It’s public knowledge that Kate wanted to stop doing the show at the end of last year and had to be convinced to keep doing the show from Bologna by Dave Hughes. Then she quit on doing the show from Bologna only a few months in. That’s not the behaviour of someone who wants to get back in the seat in 2020.
4. If Kate was coming back next year they’d have been trumpeting it from the rafters to try and hold onto the part of the audience that is slipping away with Kate gone and Ed in.

7 Dec 2019 - 7:35 am

Have Collective noun been boned from the SCA ‘ family ‘

Julia Derbyshire
7 Dec 2019 - 8:54 pm

Could listen to it if Dave Hughes would stop constantly talking about himself. Switched off now.

10 Dec 2019 - 6:36 am

Very sad to hear that Dom Fay, Zach Mander and Michael Parente from Collective Noun are no longer at SCA’s HitNetwork. Thought they were being groomed for better things. Shame, sorry to hear of their demise. Waste of talent, they might be able to get spot at Nova late nights.

10 Dec 2019 - 6:39 am

Won’t work just look at Will and Woody who only rate because of Kyle & Jackie.
Kate will be missed, her and Dave were a terrific combo. Hit female listeners don’t want to hear two blokes talking away.
Another poor move from Hit network.

10 Dec 2019 - 6:41 am

Collective Noun good at making funny videos not good on radio.


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