Jonesy & Amanda’s Cone of Silence

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Yesterday we told you that WSFM's Jonesy & Amanda were doing a challenge that saw them sit in the same small room without saying a word or making a sound for 4 hours.

The story arc started last week when the duo were arguing about who talked the most on the show. Listeners voted on Facebook with the result showing that Jonesy spoke the most.

This then moved into the challenge where Jonesy & Amanda had to sit in the Cone of Silence for 4 hours.

Highlights included:

  • Sunrise’s David Koch confronting Jonesy for the constant on-air impersonations he does
  • A cameo by KIIS 1065 Drive host Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross involving beer and ending in a passionate kiss with Jonesy
  • Amanda losing the plot and throwing water all over Jonesy. And vice versa.
  • KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O coming in for chat (and promptly deciding there was no way they could do it)
  • With Celine Dion blaring at them Jonesy & Amanda recreating the famous Leo and Kate scene from Titanic (see below)
  • Amanda’s reaction to her afternoon snack being delivered – a box of profiteroles – which she hates
  • A petting zoo was also added, including a baby pig, goat and a flock of ducklings


See all the intruder vids here.

After the challenge was over, Amanda said:

“It was a very surreal experience. The moment we walked in we both had a fit of giggles. The hardest part was when they decided to play Phil Collins ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ on a loop repeatedly with an accompanying filmclip of him pashing that English actress. Honestly, that nearly killed me. It was at that bit that I almost said, that’s it, can we just stop this now”.

Jonesy added: “Funny, it was the Phil Collins that gave me the strength to get through it. And it proved to me that Amanda just couldn’t do it”.

“I DID do it!” said Amanda.

WSFM have shared some of their online stats from yesterday's challenge. The website page views were up by almost 30% and unique viewers up 17%.



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