John Blackman undergoes surgery to remove skin cancer

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Voiceover legend John Blackman has undergone surgery after a two year battle with skin cancer.

Speaking on A Current Affair prior to the surgery, which took place last Friday, Blackman revealed that his cancer had spread around his mouth and to his jaw.

The cancer developed from what he thought was a pimple two years ago, growing into a basal-cell carcinoma (an aggressive form of skin cancer).

His jaw bone has now been replaced by a new one shaped from a bone taken from his leg.

The former 3AW presenter, most famous for his role as the voice of Dicky Knee from Hey Hey It’s Saturday has since undergone the surgery, which could prevent him from being able to speak ever again.

“(My surgeon) said, ‘well, just get prepared to not be able to do all the things you’ve been able to do for the past 50 years’, which is a bit of a kick in the guts,” he told A Current Affair.

“To perform you have to look good, you have to sound good, you have to sound confident and be confident. I just won’t be able to do that anymore.”

Since the surgery, his wife Cecile Blackman since told 3AW he is recovering but unable to communicate. She also revealed doctors believe he is now “99% clear” of cancer.

“No one can tell us how long it will take before he can actually speak. Because of the trauma he’s breathing through a ventilator.”

As well as 3AW, Blackman also worked spent time at 2GN Golbourn, 2CA, 3AK, 2UE, 3UZ, Triple M Adelaide and Magic 1278.

Blackman had previously suffered a benign brain tumour, having surgery in 2007 to have it removed.

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