If you know cancer, you know this conversation

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“I HOPE you’re sitting down as I have some bad news Robert. I have cancer.”

That was my mum on the phone to me just a few days ago.

I was getting ready to go out and have a sneaky beer with a mate of mine and just as I was looking for my left shoe that’s what I heard on the other end of the phone.

For a moment my heart skipped a beat. I waited for a period to grab my breath and hold myself together and by then I asked her one question. “How are you?”

My mum gave the old reply that I guess any mother would: “oh I’m okay. It’s in the bone, blah blah, might have something to do with the blood, blah blah and maybe I might have to have chemo, blah blah…”

For so many of us who’ve been touched by cancer you’ll know that conversation.

How some things stay in the memory and some don’t.

That was me as I wasn’t quite getting over the initial shock of “I’ve got cancer”.

For anyone who knows my mum Fiona Kidd and my dad Rev David Kidd, and many do through their links with the Uniting Church at St Paul’s and Iona West, you will know she is a strong woman who has never let anything take her down, let alone a cold.

This will be no different. Tests are under way and treatment/victory will be swift, just like a Cowboys premiership last year!

I won’t lie to you but after hearing the news I immediately thought of my younger sister who gave breast cancer the almighty kick in the pants five years ago this week.

Sure she had the surgery and treatment but it wasn’t that far from my mind when Mum gave me the news. Katriona actually did a skydive in Sydney to celebrate the five year mark and I congratulate her for that. Her treatment is going well too.

I guess now Mum and Katriona have more stories to share as their bond becomes even closer, if that’s at all possible.

The news has knocked me for a huge six (cricket term Mum).

Please forgive me if I’m away with the fairies doing my weekly shop next time you say gudday to me.

There’s a lady on my mind who is 2000km too far away for a hug right about now.


About Rob:

Rob ‘Bear’ Kidd, formerly of Triple M and 91.5 Melbourne – does Breakfast at Star 101.9 in Mackay. Rob allowed us to share this article he wrote for the Local Paper The Daily  Mercury in Mackay. On Daffodil Day you can Dedicate A Daffodil by buying a bunch or donating online here.

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