“I never got a job because I was a woman. I got a job because I was good at it”: In conversation with Cherie Romaro

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Revered radio figure Cherie Romaro has done a lot in her career.

The first female music programmer, program director and general manager in Australia, Cherie has, with the exception of the Nova Network, worked in every format, in every major market, and every network in the nation.

She’s helmed stations, created networks and has landed herself in a comfortable position on Radio Today‘s most successful Australian radio programmers of all time.

Yet despite being an aspirational self-made woman, Romaro is firm that the world knows that she didn’t do it alone.

“My teams across the country are credited with my success, as they all bought into my vision and worked hard and long for what we were creating,” Cherie tells Radio Today.

“I could never have achieved anything without them and I also could not have achieved anything without my mentors in Rod Muir, Rhett Walker and even some of my team were mentors in areas of which I was not as strong.”

Stunning humility is just one of the attributes that Cherie has maintained throughout her decades in media.

In an industry where a majority of top positions were, and still are, filled by men, Cherie is quick to dismiss that gender factored into her success story.

“There is no shortcut. For a woman, I think you had to work doubly hard.

“I never got a job because I was a woman. I got a job because I think I was good at it, and if I ever felt that there was any patronising, I would feel insulted.”

Cherie was kind enough to share her rise to the top, proudest moments and advice for aspiring programmers with Radio Today.

Please enjoy our full conversation with Cherie Romaro below.

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Deb Ferguson
23 Jul 2018 - 4:40 pm

Cherie employed me at 2DAY FM in 1986 – and to this day, I would walk through fire for this woman. She is an amazing woman, leader, friend…At 20 she taught me the value of working hard to achieve a dream. She was so tough, but incredibly fair and the thought of disappointing her was something her entire team couldn’t bare, so we all did the jobs we needed to do – and then a little bit more. I will be eternally grateful to have had such an amazing mentor who cared about me and my life but also allowed me to buy into her vision and feel like I was part of something amazing (in the entry role of traffic co-ordinator). So honoured and proud to have been a part of that time and have lifelong friends (and career) because of it.

25 Jul 2018 - 4:03 pm

cherie believed enough in me to give me my own TV show on arena that I absolutely loved … she is an incredible powerhouse an inspiration and an amazing role model…she’s a tough cookie and I love her and what she stands for ….


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