How to Win the Ratings – The Breakfast Show Blueprint

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This week on Radio Today, we continue our 9 part series on How to Win the Ratings – The Breakfast Show Blueprint.

These articles are for anyone who is working on a breakfast show or aspire to one day.

Some big name radio programming professionals have written pieces exclusively for Radio Today.

We've already heard from Jon Coleman, one of America’s leading researchers, Todd Wallace – a 40-year programming veteran as a #1 jock, PD, GM, and station owner and Randy Lane – who has been developing great radio shows and branding legendary air personalities since 1996 in the US & Europe

First thing tomorrow we move local and hear from former Austereo CEO Brad March.

Still to come …..

  • Tracy Johnson – US programmer and writer of 'Morning Radio' – a breakfast radio bible since the 90s
  • Dave Charles – a global broadcast & creative media strategist with over 4 decades of radio, talent development, and new format creation
  • Mark Ramsey – US Media Advisor, Research Analyst, and Radio/Digital Media Strategist
  • John Parikhal – he has worked with MTV, XM Radio, NBC, ABC and 100’s of radio stations in the US, Canada and around the world
  • Rad Messick – Regional Programming Manager at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment in the US

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