How On-Air Reaction Depends on Personality Life Stage

Most personalities have great (or at least good) moments on the air. However, many of those moments fall flat, or completely fail because they’re out of synch with their air personality life stage.

Think about it this way:

It’s 5am. You’re fast asleep. The phone rings.

There are many scenarios, and your reaction depends on who’s bothering you on the other end.

You answer.

It’s your mum. You’re worried. Is she okay? Did she fall?

It’s your boss. You’re annoyed. Again? Really? What is it this time? Can’t it wait until 8 when I come in anyway?

It’s your best friend. Then you realize he’s pranking you again, and you fell for it. You’re angry, but at yourself, as you laugh and vow to get back at him or her.

It’s your daughter calling from college. You panic. Is she hurt? Is there an accident? Is she in trouble?

It’s a telemarketer with this week’s latest scam. At 5am. You’re outraged and demand to talk to her supervisor. It gets worse as she hangs up on you.

It’s a co-worker, calling to ask a simple question that they would know if they had paid attention in the meeting yesterday. You’re exasperated as you fix their problem, then tell them to never call before 6:30 again.

It’s your fiancee, waking you up just because he misses you, and wants to say “I love you”. You have warm feelings, smile and know it’s going to be a great day.

Personality Life Stage: What’s the point?

Your reaction depends on a relationship with the caller. Some can get away with interrupting that last hour or so of sleep, but others can’t. Some are welcome, others are infuriating.

Every time an air personality turns on a microphone, the listener is disrupted the. They’re enjoying what was on, or they would have turned it off or tuned it out. You’re waking them up, shaking them out of a happy, enjoyable moment. Is it a welcome disturbance or does it anger them?

Of course, it depends on the content, the presentation and your ability to deliver the break. But it’s goes deeper, doesn’t it?

You have a relationship with listeners, and they accept or welcome you based on their perception of you in relation to them. Do you know where you are in the personality life stages? Are you married to your listeners? Or are you brand new, at the point where they’re just getting to know you?

Personality Life Stages

This has a profound impact on how you present content.

If you’re their favorite air personality, you’re a part of their life and they have fallen in love with you, they expect (and tolerate) much more than if you’re trying to make a great first impression. If you don’t respect the relationship, you’re creating the wrong impression with your audience.

New Personality Life Stage

If you’re a new show or on a new station or in a new market, don’t talk about yourself. Go easy on the personal stories. Maybe it’s better to identify what the audience loves and show them that you love those same things. They’ll get to know you because they like what you like.

For example, if talking about the latest Taylor Swift headline, you may have a clever line, a joke or a witty remark that shows how much you love Taylor, can’t get enough of her new song and invite listeners to join you backstage at the concert.

Developing Personality Life Stage

If you’ve been on awhile, but don’t have a large fan base, mix in some perspective and point of view in every break. They have already decided to listen, and revealing who you are through relevant content will allow them to start liking you.

For example, you might go a little deeper about the story, using Taylor’s latest flame to launch a related topic about relationships. By hijacking the story, you command attention to your topic.

Established Personality Life Stage

And if they love you, bring more of yourself to the show, but through a listener-focused entry point. Use the Taylor Swift story as an entry point (because they’re interested), but turn the conversation into a personal story or sharing a similar relationship that begins a similar, related topic.

If you’re not sure where you are in the air personality life stage, err on the side of caution. Be conservative. Don’t come on too strong.

Expectations develop over time, as relationships mature. With it comes acceptance. Your goal is the be the fiancee, not the telemarketer

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