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With the reporting season for publicly listed companies now virtually complete, we can give you a look under the bonnet of the pay-packets of the senior executives at various radio groups.

Publicly listed entities are required to disclose the remuneration of the highest earning key management executives, so it is all on the public record.

So let's have a look:

A couple of points to note first:


  • ARN is owned by APN, who report on a different cycle, so they have released their half-yearly, not full-year accounts which do not need to disclose executive remuneration. However, the executive salaries of ARN ,as a subsidiary, are not required to be broken out separately.


  • DMG, Super Network, Ace Broadcasters, Grant Broadcasters and the carious smaller operators are privately held, therefore that information is not publicly available.


  • Fairfax, whilst operators of radio stations, derive the bulk of their revenue from other media so whilst they are listed, the executive remuneration isn't completely radio-driven.


  • When we did this last year MCM was included as a listed company, since that time they have delisted and so the information is no longer available.


So to the figures, ranked in earnings order from Southern Cross Austereo, Fairfax, Macquarie and Pacific Star;


Name Role Company TRP notes
Greg Hywood CEO Fairfax Media 1,982,707

sits over the complete group, of which radio is only one part.

Rhys Holleran CEO Southern Cross Austereo 1,660,376



Stephen Kelly CFO Southern Cross Austereo 1,023,480



David Housego CFO Fairfax Media 841,645

CFO for the complete group.

Guy Dobson Chief Content Officer Southern Cross Austereo 802,624



Russell Tate Chairman Macquarie Radio Network 756,480



Gail Hambly Group General Counsel Fairfax Media 718,196

GGC for the complete group.

Craig Bruce Head of Content Southern Cross Austereo 702,518



Robert Loewenthal Managing Director Macquarie Radio Network 542,366



Christopher Maher Director of Strategy Fairfax Media 534,483

DOS for the complete group.

Michelle Williams HR Director Fairfax Media 484,667

HRD for the complete group.

Barrie Quick CEO Pacific Star Network 483,899



Andrew Lam-Po-Tang CIO Fairfax Media 386,923

CIO for the complete group.

David Kidd Program Director 2GB & Group Promotions Director Macquarie Radio Network 320,252



Mark Noakes

Sales Director Macquarie Radio Network



David Hung Group Sales Director Pacific Star Network 288,932



Andrew Harrison Direct Sales Manager Pacific Star Network 217,197



Andrea Ingham National Sales Director Southern Cross Austereo 207,288 

includes only 5-months of salary from 1 Feb to 30 June.

Mark Johnson Group Program Director Pacific Star Network 196,440



Stephen Sweeney CFO Pacific Star Network 162,587



Gordon Moore Group Creative Director & Brand Director Pacific Star Network 131,516




So how does your pay compare?


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